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Scorpio Astrology
Scorpio AstrologyScorpio is the eight Zodiac of astrology. It is also known as "Vrischika Rashi" in Hindi. The symbol of the Zodiac is scorpion. People under this Sun sign are born between the dates of October 23rd to November 24th. The Nakshatra of Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshtha come under this zodiac. The ruling planet of this sign is Mars.

Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign of all. If some misinterpret Scorpions to be extremely manipulative and selfish, they are also known to be superhumanly loyal and courageous by many. What adds to the confusion is that its really hard to look in their real self as they don`t display much of their thoughts or emotions. Either they seem too friendly and harmless, or too ordinary to have any mysteries of mind. But people close to them know better.

In reality, (inspite of their casual demeanor) Scorpios are very intense.

A Scorpio can be highly dedicated to his family, and hence very generous and giving to his loved ones. At the same time, he can be very revengeful if someone tries to harm him or his loved one. One is angel, the other is devil, and both are the same being. It is entirely upto them how they want to manifest their energy.

Scorpios are famous for not forgetting any intentional injury done to them. Inspite of the fact, a few Scorpios choose not to involve in any harm doing. Many of them keep their intent for revenge boiling till they actually destroy the culprit (or harm them substantially). On the same lines, a November born will never forget someone`s help at the time of need, and sooner or later they will gratefully return the help and will loyally stand by that person no matter what. Scorpios are ardent foes and devoted friends. Similarly, people around him either hate them, or admire them with all their heart.

A Scorpio is a very confident and ambitious person. Although he won`t give a clue about his innermost desires and thoughts, he can intuitively grasp other`s character, feelings, and unspoken secrets. A Scorpio can hide his own motives with aplomb, while it is not possible to hide things from him. He is an emphatic listener and a true advisor. He won`t guide you wrongly. And he will stand by your thick and thin once you enter his circle of loved ones. A Scorpio forms his own set of ethics, and does not change it no matter what the pressure or social norms dictate. With equal devotion he practices the religion he has chosen. He is a natural student of occult science, and often goes in darkmost depths of the mysterious knowledge.

If a Scorpio doesn`t get his fair deal in life, he might become bitter and pessimistic. But his awesome strength might anytime make him take initiative to change the circumstances through his sheer force of iron will. A Scorpio is also tenacious, hardworking and patient enough to inevitably achieve his goal. They are great organizers and strategists. Power brings them a sense of achievement. And yet they yearn for emotional intimacy. Their deep sensitive nature often inhibits them to emotionally trust and confide in anyone.

A Scorpio`s legendary daring and confidence comes from the fact that he knows what lies beneath the surface, how world works and all the actions that can change the course. He has complete grasp about what goes on in minds of others and the depth and power of his own soul. He is intelligent and knowledgeable, and yet on a constant quest on something more deep and mysterious. He is not scared of adventure. In fact he is the seeker of new avenues in life, so what if they are forbidden. Ultimately its upto a Scorpio whether he lets his fearless ambitions take a slumber or negative manifestation of revenge and frustrations; or rise enough to achieve the most glorious rewards of courage.

Scorpio AstrologyHealth

Usually the health picture of Scorpios is quite strong. But their excessive brooding habit and controlled emotions can actually cause a series of ailments. At the same time, they can come out of even a lingering disease with the help of their amazing will power. This miracle holds equally true even if they have gone in addictions of drugs and alcohol. The sign rules the reproductive organs. Therefore problem areas are prostrate gland, pubic bones and private parts. Also excretion, and red blood cells are affected.


They can be intense actors, writers, directors and composers. But their healing empathy with mankind has turned out the best doctors and surgeons in the world. They are naturally good at detective works and their Mars ruler ship make them adept in firefighting, military, law etc. They make remarkably shrewd politicians.


Scorpios are passionate about everything in their life, least of which is romance. Both the sexes are sexually attractive and magnetically irresistible. Involvement in an affair can bring about bittersweet aspects all the time. But one can be rest assure that when they say I love you, they mean it from the depth of their soul. They are very dedicated to marriage ties and family. They are extremely possessive and jealous when it comes to their loved ones. And yet they are high individual and wont let anyone, including their lover/ spouse interfere with their individuality. Sometimes their passion is bothering and frightening; and yet at the end, it eventually turns out to be the most magnificent manifestation of an emotion called Love.

Scorpions have good compatibility with stable earthy Taurean. With Geminis, they feel strong attraction, but rarely a lifelong compatibility is formed. They go well with cancer, Pisces, Capricorn and Virgos. Scorpion passion lures a lion`s passion. Still the compatibility is dependent on other factors.
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