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Shatabhishak (A hundred Physicians) Nakshatra
Shatabhishak (A hundred Physicians)Deity: Varuna (God of water)
Yoni: Horse
Gana: Rakshasa

As the symbol of the Nakshatra indicates, natives born in this Nakshatra are natural healers and curers. Apart from taking medicine and surgery as their profession, they are well versed in unconventional methods of cure as well. Their healing methods imbibe physical as well as spiritual aspects.

The people born in the Nakshatra are inclined towards philosophy, astrology, mysticism, metaphysics and psychology. Yoga and meditation comes in their natural affinity. These people are usually very moody. Sometimes they share extraordinary good rapport with people. At other times, they turn reclusive. Their nature often confuses people with rather simplistic thinking.

Shatabhishaks are good at professions of mathematics, scientific research, accountancy and medicine.

They are also known to be highly opiniated, and usually not tolerant of new ideas or opinions of others. Stubborness is also one of the quality of this Nakshatara born. This may be one of the reason they often suffer setback in relationships and marriage.
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