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Shravana (The learned one) Nakshatra
Deity: Vishnu (The preserver)
Yoni: Monkey
Gana: Deva

The literal meaning of Shravana is the "Ear". The natives of this Nakshatra are all about listening and learning. This constellation signifies eternal quest of knowledge. The Shravana people are restless. They constantly involve themselves in conversations, or listening sessions to collect information. A person born under this sign is either an ardent student, or a well-versed teacher. They can be excellent counselors, owing to their art of listening and giving advise based on their vast knowledge. A unique characteristic of the people of the Nakshatra is the limb section. A few of them are either disabled, or weak in early life, or they walk with the limp. Many of them are also characterised by their unusual gait.
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