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Taurus Astrology
Taurus AstrologyThe sign of Taurus is also known as Vrishabh in Sanskrit. The astrological symbol of the zodiac is a bull. Sun travels through the zodiac yearly from April 20th to May 20th. The people born in these dates have Sun sign of Taurus. The zodiac contains birth Nakshatras of Krittika, Rohini and Mrigashira. If at the time of the birth, the moon is placed in the zodiac, the subject is said to have Vrishabh Rashi.

The ruler of this planet is Venus. Venus attributes this zodiac with love for beauty, arts, peace and harmony. People born in this zodiac are patient, loyal and dependable with great deal of stamina and practical approach towards life. Taureans value life in term of material comforts. With their slow, and focused approach, they tend to acquire all the worldly possessions easily.
This is one sign, which does not make worry an issue. They can be either laidback and lazy, or phenomenally hardworking, or both by turns. Taureans, amongst all the beautiful things, love to live close to nature the most. They do not identify much with garish artificial surroundings. Music appeases them and sense of family brings warmth to them. Many of the Taurus born possess sonorous voice, and singing capabilities. They love good food and practical things in life.

Taureans know how to work hard and make money. They also know how to make and cherish a solid home base. They are reliable and dependable for life, and make good spouse and friends. The major drawback that trouble people close to a Taurus is their strong thinking, manifesting in stubbornness. A Taurean never changes his/ her opinion once formed. They never give way to other people`s insistence no matter what. This determination makes them highly strong people who can go through unusually difficult situations. But their stubbornness might break a few hearts as well. They can be quite resistant to change (or cooperation at times) even its for the better.

Taurus AstrologyTaureans usually have strong muscular bodies. Many of them are quite lean, but they are strong nevertheless. Most of them move and talk slowly.

People in this zodiac exudes strong will, and even stronger attitude. Maybe it`s because of the fact that they know that these very qualities will place them as achievers in life.


Taureans are endowed with strong constitution and physical stamina. Their normally placid and tranquil persona also saves them from imaginary ailments. But their love for food and drinks usually goes out of hands. As a result, they tend to gain weight. Lack of natural surroundings can also take its toll. This zodiac rules throat, lower jaw, ears, cerebellum and vertebrae.


Taureans are natural moneymakers. They value financial security. And money once in doesn`t get out of taurean`s reach. They have natural affinity for real estate, banks and financial institutes. In all the other profession, including arts, Taureans ultimately reach to the top.

Taurus AstrologyRomance

A Taurean romance speaks of steadiness, loyalty, depth and amazing courtship. A Taurean love is for real, and it embodies all the aspects gifted by the Venus (goddess of love) itself. A Taurean knows how to treat a lady like a lady, without sounding flirtatious. And Taurean is instinctive in making Security as home base for romance.

Though Taureans take fiery signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: and go along with air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius with distant amusement and tranquility, they are astrology suggest their compatibility with earth signs of Capricorn and Virgo. They are also in harmony with water signs of cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. They have natural attraction for a Scorpio.
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