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Uttar Ashadha (The invincible) Nakshatra
Uttar Ashadha (The invincible)Deity: Vishawadevas (universal virtues)
Yoni: Cow
Gana: Manushya

As the Nakshatra is rule by Vishvedevas (gods of dharma), the native born in its influence are highly virtuous. They have profound stamina, patience and durability. In such sense they are quite different from the Purva ashadha people. Vishawadevas can grant unchallenging victory to the person seeking its blessings. Therefore, the subjects of this constellation, when proven worthy by their integrity and constant ness of the purpose, are granted success in time. The natives are natural leaders, and are highly respected for their virtuous qualities and unbending ethics. They have the power (many a times dormant) to penetrate deep in spirituality. If taken the path properly, the Nakshatra can produce invincible spiritual leaders as well.
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