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Venus Planet in Horoscope
(The planet of love and beauty)

Hima-kunda-mrinalabham daityanam paramam gurum
sarva-shastra-pravaktaram bhargavam pranamamy aham

(I bow down to Venus, who is fragrant like crushed sandal and jasmine,
the great guru of the demons, expounding all scriptures, and the descendant of sage Brigu.
Om, I bow down to Venus.)

Venus (The planet of love and beauty)Ever since the ancient times, Venus is known as the brightest object in the sky next to sun and moon. Often famous as the morning and evening star, Venus is the second planet to the sun.

Venus is considered to be a benefic, feminine and gentle planet. The quality it attributes are romance, love for fine things in life, luxuries, wealth, food, costumes, jewellery, sensual pleasures, inclination towards arts, music, beauty and tasteful living. In a person`s horoscope, the placement of the planet depicts conjugal happiness, wealth aspects, and physical beauty.

A well-placed strong Venus calls for the person with a refined romantic and artistic temperament. It also provides the chart holder with luxuries and fortune in married life. A dominant Venus is a must in all the good-looking people walking on this planet. A person under the influence of Venus also undergoes study of secretive sciences. Physical pleasures and sensuality is an integral part of life for all Venusians. When Venus is not so strongly placed in the chart, the subject suffers from lack of physical appeal, coarse behaviour, and a tendency for failure in love or married life.

According to roman mythology, Venus is the eternal Goddess of love and beauty. Hindu mythology describes Shukra as the son of Bhrigu, the great sage. Bhrigu himself taught his son all the Spiritual sciences and Vedic scriptures. Shukracharya is the one who founded Shilpa shastra (Architecture), Vimanas (air ships), and Jyotish (astrology). Shukracharya is also known to be the teacher of demons like Rahu, Ketu and Shani.

Venus owns the houses Taurus (vrishabh), and Libra (Tula); hence it is strongly placed here. Venus is exalted in Pisces, and debilitated in Virgo. Venus shares a friendly vibes with Mercury and Saturn. It considers Sun and Moon to be its enemies. Although Venus (teacher of Demons) is supposed to share a negative vibe with Jupiter (Guru of Gods), the two go along with neutral effects towards each other. Venus is also neutral towards Mars.

Sign of VenusVenus`s favourite color: White, Light Blue.
Venus`s favourite day: Friday.
Venus`s favourite gemstone: Diamond.
Venus`s favourite deity: Goddess Lakshmi.

Venus strongly affects the physical beauty in a person. It rules eyes, nose, chin, throat sexual organs, kidneys, bladder etc. Weakly placed Venus may yield infertility, urinary tract infections, kidney problems, feeble immune system etc. A strong, but wrongly placed Venus causes the subject to indulge in excesses of food, wine, and sex, which again firebacks on the person`s well being.

Venus enriches our lives with beauty, arts, love and knowledge. It is this planet of peace and harmony, which brings revel and joy in every sphere of our life.

Venus in all Rashis

Venus is the planet of love. It also defines artistic inclinations, compassion and luxuries in our life. The zodiac it will occupy will give the flavour to these particular aspects in one`s life. To cash out the negative or positive influence of the placement is much dependent on the person`s free will.

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  • Venus in Aries

    Venus in Aries combination is all about excitement and flirtations when it comes to romance. People in this combination take no time to fall in love, have all the fun and chase it all their life. Negatively, it can be dominating, demanding, and selfish. Positively, love is vigorous and quick but honest and wholehearted.

  • Venus in Taurus

    This is the home sign of Venus; hence all the effects of the planet are in full bloom. When positive, the person is a lover of fine things in life, full of compassion, earthy romance and a constant lover. Negatively, the person can be brutish and gluttonous.

  • Venus in Gemini

    Venus in Gemini has often more than one devout objects for affection. The person with this combination can be charming, highly attractive with stimulation and flair in art of lovemaking. Positively, the person loves everything with true compassion and charisma. Negatively, these very people are so very adept in showing fake love that they excel in very art of conceit.

  • Venus in Cancer

    Venus in this zodiac brings out the maternal instincts of the person in love. This is also a combination, which gives rise to the craving for emotional security in a relationship. Positively, the person will be caring, nurturing, devoted to the point of self-sacrifice in a relationship. Negatively, the person will be very demanding, suspicious, jealous and possessive, wanting love more than giving.

  • Venus in Leo

    A person born with this combination will love being the centre of his/ her partner`s world. He/she will also want to be appreciated and loved. Positively, Leos will be more generous in returning the love, with full and genuine compassion. Negatively, the person will love only to gain his / her personal, selfish ends.

  • Venus in Virgo

    Venus in Virgo brings the two extremes in love. When positive, the person is reluctant and shy in showering his/her love to the other person before gaining complete trust. It requires some efforts from their partner`s side. But when they have submitted to their feeling to love, their devotion is complete.

    Negatively, the love can manifest itself to be too calculative and selfish, to act in the most underhanded way possible.

  • Venus in Libra

    In this zodiac Venus is at home. The manifestation of all the qualities of Venus outshines with full force. People born under this combination love the fine things in life, are a delight as companion, quite charming and attractive. Positively, the relationship seeks harmony, and love and compassion acts as a guiding light to the other partner. Negatively, the effect could be that of inclination on being just sensational.

  • Venus in Scorpio

    Venus in Scorpio manifests the intense nature in love. Though at times, the love remains unexpressive its nevertheless there with its full depth. Sexuality is the integral expression of the passion. Positively, the love is deep, faithful and giving. Negatively, the love is demanding, jealous, insecure and possessive in extreme.

  • Venus in Sagittarius

    Venus in Sagittarius seeks freedom in relationships. Possessiveness and boundation is not agreeable to the people born with this combination. Negatively, the person may not at all want to be serious in relationship, or turns out to be too self centered and cruel. Positively, the love is open and unafraid.

  • Venus in Capricorn

    This combination produces the love that is not expressed verbally, but is deeply embedded in actions. Negatively, the love can be calculative, selfish or genuinely cold. Positively, the person is most dependent and loyal lover.

  • Venus in Aquarius

    Venus in this zodiac produces a fierce yearning for independence, and a natural dislike to be tied down. Negatively, there is no identification of feeling of love, or the person gets downright selfish. Positively, love exists for all, and also for the special one.

  • Venus in Pisces

    Venus in this romantic zodiac generates all the possible manifestations of romance (not necessary love). The love is a bit dreamy, and thrives on emotions and peace. Negatively, this very love can turn the person emotionally weak, or a clinging type. Positively, the person with this combination is a sympathetic, understanding and a romantic lover.
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