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Virgo Astrology
Virgo AstrologyVirgo or "Kanya Rashi" is symbolized as a Virgin. This zodiac is ruled by Mercury (it rules the sign of Gemini as well). Sun passes through this sign between the dates of August 22nd to September 23rd. Uttara Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra are the Nakshatras under this particular zodiac.

A virgin depicts purity and integrity in thought. She tries to remain untouched by this chaotic, unruly world. Strangely enough, the feminine, earthy sign of Virgo endows same qualities to people born under its influence. A Virgo tries to bring some sense and semblance in this utterly disorganised world. Virgo has a sharp mind for orderly, analytical thinking. This very thinking is responsible for a Virgo`s compulsion to see flaws and failings of this planet and its inhabitants in detailed clarity. Whether it`s about deficiency in someone`s psyche, working methods or simple hygienic conditions, a Virgo sees everything from a critical point of view. Its very difficult him to tolerate any flaw, even if its within themselves. The only catch being, they will be more on denial front about themselves, as compared to their critical remarks about others.

A Virgo isn`t being critical to hurt someone. It`s mainly because he/she can`t see anything else but plain cold truth in finest details.

A Virgo is very good with details and is often painstakingly perfectionist. This is the basic reason due to which they are often the most cherished employees as organizers. They usually have problem leading the crowd as leaders. Higher responsibilities bring a sheer strain on even otherwise hectic nervous system. Hence Virgos choose to excel mainly while servicing others.

Although Virgos are fun loving people in social circuit, there may be times when a Virgo seems cold and aloof. Virgo is basically a loner. At the same time, he is highly dedicated to servicing mankind. A Virgo is friend in need and illness. He rarely harms others, and does most of the things right. That is the reason they are often cherished as good friends.

A Virgo is never Rash, impulsive or spendthrift. He is highly organised, intelligent, truthful and hygienic. Many a Virgos are very devoted religiously as well.

Virgo AstrologyThey are all conventional, but they can break society rules without flinching when truth and integrity are at stake. Especially the Virgo women are epitome of efficiency and strength.

They all are hard working with their value system strong and intact. The very purity shows itself in their crystal clear eyes.

Mercury gives Virgo sharpness of mind, restlessness and mental anxiety in the similar way it confers to a Gemini. Only manifestations of the same traits are different in these Zodiacs. Virgos are far from being a scatterbrain and seldom put off any work in middle. In fact they will loose their sleep if they are being unfaithful or insincere to their work or people around themselves. Virgo puts facts and truth in front of any emotions. Hence they may often seem heartless. But in reality, they are most devoted to people and certainly most dependable.

At times you may want to give them back on what seems to be overcritical attitude of theirs. But most probably you will end up failing in your attempt, as it`s really hard to find even a hair out of place on a well-groomed Virgo. So you may end up criticizing their habit of criticizing. But then you may realise later that no matter what, it is this ability to improve on things that makes the world a much better place. It`s the silent support of Virgos that speaks for itself. And you will crave to see that beautiful, pure smile on that cool calm face again, so that the moments actually fill up with beauty that`s real. Don`t be fooled by their role as worrisome critic. They are actually extremely happy go lucky and a lot of fun to be with.


Virgos are most diet and hygiene conscious species of the lot. Mostly they are hell bent on keeping germs and illness away. But they often overtax their body by hard work and their minds by anxieties, so they should occasionally take breaks for relaxation. Virgo rule intestines, spleen, duodenum and sympathetic nervous system. Problems like constipations, diarrhea, and append tics may occur in their lifetime.


Virgos are not so suitable for job requiring daring and leading the organisation. Their methodical working system makes them ideal as auditors, proofreaders, editors, organizers and even detectives.


Virgo AstrologyVirgos ARE Romantic. Its just that their romance has a more earthy and real feel to it. They wont go for a mate who won`t be able to meet their standards of intelligence and manners. They can`t put up with out of the world`s promises and sweeping gestures. But when they make a commitment to someone, their love is most loyal and strong above most. They make good homemakers, and will take care of their spouse and children with fanatic diligence. People who cherish such qualities will never let them go out of heir life. Virgos are most compatible with water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn also suit them well.
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