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Vishakha (The branched one) Nakshatra
Vishakha (The branched one)Deity: Indragni (chief and Fire gods)
Yoni: Tiger
Gana: Rakshasa.

The lords of this constellation, namely Indra and Agni, are also gods of agriculture. A farmer plows and harvest his crop through thick and thin of seasons with single-minded devotion. Similarly, the native belonging to this Nakshatra work their way to a focused goal. With unwavering tenacity and determination, Vishakha borne sets out to achieve his purpose. Enduring every obstacle, they manage to reap their fruits of labor. Success produced by these people is long termed, though often it comes later in life. They can cross many limits to achieve their object. "Everything is fair in love and war" is their motto. As a result, many a time than not, they tend to gain inflictions on the way.
This Nakshatra advises them to focus around the same determination of purpose to spiritual enlightenment.

People born in this Nakshatra are also quick witted, artistic, intelligent, pleasant and popular. They are usually very good writer and journalist.
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