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YantraYantra is the Mystical diagram possessing control over cosmic forces. It can be called as the divine storehouse of energy, which picks up cosmic rays emitted by the planets and transforms them into constructive vibrations. These energy impressions are then transmitted to the surroundings where Yantra is placed, thus destroying all the destructive forces within the vicinity.

Yantra is derived from the word Yama. It destroys all the malefic effects of planets, regulates the energy and converts them in a positive power.

It is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, circles, triangles and floral patterns that form fractal patterns of elegance and beauty.

The person under the influence of Yantra, slowly and steadily benefits by being at the receiving end of all the affirmative vibes of this cosmic conductor of infinite energy.

Vedic Yantras are geometrical figures intended to represent the basic energies. Right from a simple dot (bindu) to complex geometrical figure, each is symbolic of some form of energy.

Yantras can be drawn, engraved or painted on a variety of substances. The classical eight tantric surfaces are gold, silver, copper, crystal, birch, bone, hide (which can include any type of paper), and Vishnu stone (Shalagrama).

There are two types of Yantras: Bhu and Meru.
Bhu mantras are two-dimensional depiction of figures.
Meru ones are three-dimensional carvings of geometry.

There is a specific designated place where a particular Yantra is seated for its full effect. Before establishing a Yantra, it is necessary to energize them by doing `pranaprathishtha`.

Different Yantras are created to give different types of cosmic boons to individual problem. It can range from increasing the sexual powers, to gain harmony in business and wealth or to gain sidhi through meditation. Yantras helps the individual with whatever ambition has to be accomplished.

Many powerful Yantras are layed as the foundation elements of powerful temples like Tirupati Balaji, Nath Dwar Mandir etc. Puja and rituals performed in these madirs are considered to be fruit bearing and holistic.

Power of elements

Three Dimensional YantraBasic elements considered in Hindu philosophy are Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether (Aakash). Depictions of all these forces are imbibed in the sophisticated and unbelievingly accurate mathematical construction of Yantras. Although these talismans were invented thousands of years ago, the highly developed mathematical and architectural concepts are still an object of awe and wonder for most researchers.

For earth element rectangular Yantras are made, whereas for Jal tatva (water element), circular shapes are assigned to get merits of that particular form of energy. Triangles are used for Agni (Fire). Complex shapes take in all these forces to generate an explicit force.

Earth element pass on ambition, stability, comforts and material success.
Water element imparts depth, wisdom, affection, love and emotional stability.
Air element imparts intelligence, power of speech and removes hurdles.
Fire element helps in gaining success, respect and in averting troubles.
Aakash / Ether element helps in spiritual enlightenment, overall success and knowledge.

In Mohammedan practice, Yantras has been divided into four types. They are known as Atshi, Badi, Abbi and Khaki, which corresponds, to Fire, Air, Water and Earth respectively.

Many of them are used for tantric objectives:

Atshi (fire) Yantras are written on paper, Bhoj Patra, old clothes, Chinawares etc. These Yantras are put in Fire or buried near hearth place or Fireplace etc. They bless the native with success and helps in overcoming the difficulties of life. They also help in controlling dreams (sub conscience).

Badi or Airy Yantras are those, which are hung with a tree or are placed at a height where they should remain in motion. These are used for affection, love affairs or for stopping the vicious speech of another man etc.

Abbi Yantras are known as Jal or Watery one; these are thrown in river, canal, well or any place where there is water as per specific directions. These Yantra are generally used for release of prisoners etc.

Khaki, Prithvi, or Earthy Yantras are buried under the Chowkhat, cremation path, mountain or at the places where four roads meet. These are used for the death of enemies.

Symbols in Yantra making

Symbols in Yantra makingBindu (a dot)

Signifies origin of creation, or the birth of infinite power.

Rekha (a line)

A line depicts the process of procreation that begins with bindu. The power of creating.

Chakra (The circle)

It is Curved line used in Yantra, representing the rotation, growth and movement in life. At the same time, the circle represents perfection and the blissful creative void.

Trikona (Triangle)

Expansion of dot in three directions as three lines makes a Triangle. It represents motion of life. It signifies trio in various forms such as Triguna, Tridev, Trishakti, Trilok, etc.

Shatkona (six points star)

Up pointing and down pointing triangles, overlapping each other gives impression of Shatkona. It is often refereed to as the `seat of god`.

Padma (The lotus)

The lotus symbol (or its petals) is both a symbol of purity and variety, with every lotus petal representing a distinct aspect. The inclusion of a lotus in a YANTRA represents freedom from multiple interference with the exterior (purity) and expresses the absolute force of the Supreme Self.


Different types of Yantras have different configuration for various purpose.

Sharir Yantras are the ones acting on the Kundalini force in the body. By either wearing these Yantra on the body, or keeping it in near vicinity energises a particular Chakra in the body.

Asana Yantras are the ones that give fast effects by placing them below the asana during meditation to achieve higher level of concentration.

Through Puja Yantras, puja of a particular deity is performed by worshipping it. All these Yantras should be kept in the place of worship, and lighting of incense or Diya is usually mandatory.


Blue Sri Yantra
  • Shree Yantra:

    Shree Yantra is a scientific, cosmic and planetary energy zone. Shree means wealth. This Yantra is said to bring material prosperity and spiritual elevation, both. There is a great importance of Shree Yantra in `Vastu Shastra`. Any house with an energised Shree Yantra will be devoid of negative energy and will embody positive vibes within itself.

  • Navgrah Yantra:

    As the name suggests, this instruments is used for pacifying and enhancing the positive vibes of all the nine planets. It endows the owner with mental harmony, good health, intelligence and overall success in life.

  • Kuber Yantra:

    This Yantra is particularly effective in financial gains and prosperity.

  • Mangal Yantra:

    This Yantra brings all round improvement in business and in health. Mangal Yantra also benefits people with manglik dosha and the ones not getting married. It also helps in progeny and paying off the debts etc. A regular worship on Tuesday with 21 day fast is must.

  • Akarshan Yantra:

    This Yantra endows an attractive aura to the person, and makes him / her appealing to all people in general. The Yantra to attract one particular person is known as `Vashikaran Yantra`.

  • Saraswati Yantra:

    This Yantra bestows knowledge, intelligence and creativity to the possessor.

  • These are but few examples of popular Yantras. Apart from these, Yantra for each planet (like Surya Yantra, Rahu Yantra) is available to enhance the strong cosmic energy of that planet.

    Any human being getting immensely affected by the surrounding vibrations is a well-established scientific fact. These vibes affect our well being to a great extent. Ancient India, much more progressive in the fields of mathematics and study of energy, has already devised methods of channelising these energies. Yantra is nothing but an effective stepping stone for a human quest to materialize the great knowledge regarding our understanding of the universe.
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